The Science of Happily Achieving
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About the Author
Being happy doesn’t make winners lose their edge, it sharpens it! —Greg Jacobson
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Hi, I'm Greg Jacobson

Author, international speaker, corporate trainer and business coach Greg Jacobson has packed more into one lifetime than most people — starting multiple businesses, directing and producing award-winning documentaries, selling high-end real estate in one of the top luxury markets in Southern California. But it wasn’t always easy. He personally went from borrowing on credit cards every month to finance his first small business, to generating over $30 million annually in gross profits and a company worth $100 million within seven years.

And then Greg discovered the real secret of success: how to happily achieve. He went from working 100-hour, crazy-productive workweeks to taking a 10-year sabbatical, spending priceless time with his family, traveling around the world several times, and developing a powerful focus on growing and contributing to others.

Today, Greg combines his background in business strategies, management and sales training, growth strategy, planning and implementation, cash flow management, executive and corporate peak performance training with his insights on happily achieving to help companies improve both their bottom line and culture. His proven, turnkey strategies show both employees and CEOs how to be happier in their personal and professional lives.

When high-level achievers are winning in nearly every area of their lives and still aren’t fulfilled, Greg Jacobson shows them how to happily achieve.